Montsoreau castle

Classified in the UNESCO world heritage, the castle is mainly known in reason of Alexandre Dumas' historical fiction "La Dame de Montsoreau" published in 1846 about facts happened in french history in 1578.

Brézé castle

Build between the 11th and 19th century, the great peculiarity of this castle is to possess the deepest dry moats of Europe (590 ft) and an extraordinary network of underground rooms and passages for military and daily living activities.

Montreuil Bellay castle

Foulque Nerra asked the first citadel to be built on the roman oppidum in the 12th century. Later the castle is involved in the "100 Years" conflict between the kingdoms of France and England. During the 1WW the castle became in hospital for soldiers.

Saumur castle

At the heart of the Val de Loire classified in 2000 "World heritage of humanity" the castle of Saumur is seat in the historique road of the Valley of the Kings, on the historic road of Plantagenets...

From 1780, the castle is use as prison for British sailors

Fontevraud abbey

Founded in 1101, by Robert d'Arbrissel, a visionary clergyman.

From 1189, Fontevraud becomes royal necropolis, sheltering the graves of Henry II, Alienor d'Aquitaine and Richard Lionheart.

Under Napoléon Bonaparte, the abbey becomes a renowned very hard prison.

The Square Tower of Loudun

Build in 1040 by Foulques Nerra, this donjon or most probably watchtower, was part of a fortress dismantled by Louis XIII on the advice of cardinal de Richelieu for fighting the protestant religion.

Building not open to visit.

Cavalry Museum of Saumur

Located in the former stables of the Cadre Noir, build in 1827.

It redraws the history of the french cavalry since Charles VII in 1445 up to tanks of todays.

Magnificent collection of uniformes, harnesses, armors and ancient weapons.

Museum of the armored vehicles of Saumur

This museum possesses a unique collection of about 800 vehicles, among witch 250 presentations to the public. The presentation allows the greenhorn as the specialist to appreciate the more characteristic or more legendary tanks.

Zoo of Doué-La-Fontaine

The biopark presents a remarkable collection of spectacular animals in a maze of rocks to the heart of a luxuriant vegetation.

Trips on traditional boat :

Allows you to discover the beautiful landscape of the Loire Valley and its wildlife along with the current...

Maybe will you please yourself with  a diner on boat while seeking the beavers coming back in the Loire.

Mushroom undergroud galleries :

The culture of mushrooms in these tunnels is a speciality of this area, by converting former limestones careers in.


Local vintners :

Some typical places where you would enjoy the tastes and smells of french flavours, in particulary great sceneries underground.

Troglodytes lodging

Country trips


...and many other reasons to explore !...